LED Beacons - Magnetic, DIN pole and permanent mount - Emergency Warning Lights | LEDARC

LED Warning Beacons

Keep yourself safe when you’re on the roadside with one of our LEDARC LED beacons. Choose between suction, magnetic, DIN pole or permanent mounts in a choice of colours to suit your needs. From amber or blue to white or red, we have affordable LED beacons ideal for use on all kinds of construction, commercial, agricultural or emergency vehicles.
Tax excl. - €216.00 Tax incl.

Profile: Ultra compact, Overall height: 135mm, Ø115mm

Number of LEDs: 8 x 3watts

Power consumption @ 12V: 1.2 Amps

Power consumption @ 24V: 0.7 Amps

Temperature range: -30°C /+70°C

Dome material: Polycarbonate

Electromagnetic compatibility: Conforms EMC

Homologated: ECE R65 class1 orange, class2 blue

Protection: IP67

Speed rated: Yes - 250 km/h (DEKRA)