Flood & Spot LED Work Lamps | Work lights & Area Lighting from LEDARC

LED Work Lamps

Available in a spot or flood beam, our LED work lamps are vastly more efficient than traditional halogen lamps producing a white light that is the closest possible colour to sunlight. This reduces eyestrain and fatigue whilst also performing brilliantly by producing a broad field of light while you work. Also the long life, durability, and efficient lumen to watt ratio of LED lights provide significant savings in service costs and power consumption

Tax excl. - €76.92 Tax incl.

Beam pattern: Flood

Profile: Round, 156 x 288 x 86mm

Number of LEDs: 12 x 3watts

Output: 2700 lumens

Voltage: 12/24 volts

Power consumption @ 12V: 1.9 Amps

Power consumption @ 24V: 0.9 Amps

Temperature range: -30°C /+70°C

Lens material: Polycarbonate

Electromagnetic compatibility: Conforms EMC R10

Protection: IP67

Heavy duty on/off switch & handle

Adjustable swivel mount